EHRS is a system designed to help run the hospital management smoothly while still maintaining the quality of treatment. It creates a centralized record system which makes it easy to track a patient’s health record, from time of birth till current, medical history of family relations, thereby giving a good diagnosis.

With the EHR system you can access a patient’s record from anywhere in the federation, especially in a situation where the patient is on a trip. This will help reduce inaccuracy and inconsistency in diagnosis.

EHRS helps store patient’s information via the record and accounting interface thereby storing permanently on the system all across the federation, this can only be accessed by all authorized medical practitioners and authorized security agencies in the federation.



Unique HCN

The system assigns a unique hospital card number to every registered patient for easy tracking

Easily Customizable

The system is easily customizable to fit the need of the hospital and its departments

Scalable and Safe Database

The system is built with security as one of its topmost priorities to avoid leakage of sensitive data to unauthorized persons/hackers. The database is easily scalable to fit in any size

Supports Multiple Location

The system is built to enable hospitals with multiple branches in several locations to deploy once on the cloud and use across all hospitals. This accords a central database and continuity of treatment no matter the location patients visits.

Numerous Modules and Functionalities

EHRS is built with all clinic departments in mind from Accounts to Records, Doctor, Labs, Radiology, Physiotherapy, etc. All departments have their interface that enables them carry out their duties with ease and accuracy

Elimination of Unnecessary Papers and Avoidance of Loss of Patients Record

The system helps eliminate unnecessary use of papers in the hospital as all duties can be carried out on the system and for saving the patients record, removing the risk of loss of patients medical records

Multiple Device Use

The EHRS can be used from any location on multiple computerized devices, including PC, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones, etc.

Unlimited Number of Users/Clinics

The EHRS is built to allow unlimited numbers of patients, practitioners, and clinic branch registration

Easy Medical Record Inspection

The EHRS is built to facilitate the ease of Ministry Record Inspection. All records can be formatted and submitted easily for inspection


Clinic Branch Registration

Patient Close Relative History

Practitioners Registration

Lab Enrolment and Result

Patients Registration

Radiology Enrolment and Result

Patient Search and Treatment Enroll

Physiotherapist Recommendation

Doctors Recommendation

Drug Administration Report

Medical History Search

Payment Record/History

Patient Allergies

Accountant Balance Sheet

Admin Login/Interface

Organ/Blood Marketplace

Patient History

Practitioner Clinic Assign/Transfer

Doctors Calendar/Appointment Schedule

Practitioners Live Chat