EHRS is a system designed to help run the hospital management smoothly while still maintaining the quality of treatment. It creates a centralized record system which makes it easy to track a patient’s health record, from time of birth till current, medical history of family relations, thereby giving a good diagnosis.

With the EHR system you can access a patient’s record from anywhere in the federation, especially in a situation where the patient is on a trip. This will help reduce inaccuracy and inconsistency in diagnosis.

EHRS helps store patient’s information via the record and accounting interface thereby storing permanently on the system all across the federation, this can only be accessed by all authorized medical practitioners and authorized security agencies in the federation.



Easy Patient Registration

Easy to navigate and user friendly.

Accounting and Record Dashboard

Billings and all hospital management record

Patient Profile and History

Patient’s address, admission date, appointments, family record and medical history

24/7 Access

Can be accessed by physician at any time required for patient attention

Numerous Functionalities

We still have other functionalities and we are open to feedbacks on system upgrade

Communication between Providers

Allows a secured electronic connection between all health providers, such as referral, donors.